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Here’s a quick intro to the facilities that we have and a quick overview of our gym .

Professional Trainers

Our trainer are all ACE certified and have completed a minimum degree in the field of health and fitness .

Modern Equipments

At Vigor we have state of the art gym facilities including jacuzzi , steam , sauna bath and cold plunges .

Supportive Community

We believe in having a community whereby one is for all and all is for one .

Body Building

Join our body building program and build a great physique with us .

Fitness Programs

Our fitness programs offer the best of both cardio and strength building programs .

Cardio Treadmill

Build you cardio stamina with us . While we do push our clients but we do so in a structured scientific manner which gives optimal results in the shortest time possible .

Crossfit Programs

If you love crossfit training and do have a background in it we welcome you to our crossfit training program . Get into the training grind to be the next crossfit champion .

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What People say about VIGOR

It has been nothing short of a pleasant experience with Vigor gym and team . I opted for the crossfit program where i was able to make great progression in my crossfit journey and gain strengthas well as shed some weight . 

My journey with Hypefit has been nothing short of remarkable. Initially skeptical about committing to a fitness routine, their approach immediately put my doubts at ease. They took the time to understand my lifestyle, creating workouts that were not just challenging but realistic for my schedule.

    Viola Golden
    Viola Golden


    Joining Hypefit was a pivotal moment in my fitness journey. The trainers here are not just experts; they're passionate individuals dedicated to seeing their clients succeed. What I appreciated most was their personalized approach. They didn't offer one-size-fits-all programs but rather tailored plans to suit my goals.

      Maximus Watson
      Maximus Watson


      I stumbled upon Hypefit during a time when I was searching for something more than just a gym. From day one, the environment felt different - it felt like a community. The trainers were not just instructors; they became mentors, understanding my goals and challenges.

        Patricia Barton
        Patricia Barton



        Choose The Best Membership Plan

        Choose from a wide range of membership plans where you can opt in for the program that you require and fits your needs . 

        Beginners Plan

        A plan tailored for beginners who just want to test out our facilities and test our training methods . 


        Basic Plan

        Get access to ice plunges , sauna bath , steam and jacuzzi with the basic plan for limited sessions along with full access to our gym . 


        Advance Plan

        Join the full experience and gain access to all our classes including muay thai , jiu jitsu and other facilieties apart from full gym access such as ice plunges , sauna bath , steam and jacuzzi . 

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